Four Different Types of Scholarships For Undergraduate Students

Student loans can take over your entire life. Most borrowers carry student loans for more than 25-long years. This is when scholarships and grants become handy and useful. Most students consider grants and scholarships as a great way of paying their college fees. In this short article, you will get a comprehensive insight through famous federal grants, awards, need-based scholarships and merit grants.

Four Different Types of Scholarships For Undergraduate Students

Scholarship #1 – Federal Grants

There are different types of Federal grants for prospective undergraduate students. Federal Pell Grant is a well known need based scholarship for borrowers with rock bottom income. The grant is offered based on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Similarly, the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant helps students with scholarships between 100 USD and 4000 USD. First year and second year students can make use of the Academic Competitiveness Grant. This is a supplementary award for students with good academic scores. If you are an engineering, math, science or technology student, you can make use of the National SMART Grant. This is a grant worth 4000 USD. Another federal Grant for undergraduate students would be the TEACH Grant. The grant is customized to support students with very low incomes.

Scholarship #2 – General Grants and Scholarships

There are plenty of general grants and scholarships for career-based students. Four famous general grants for students would be as follows:

  • Imagine America Scholarships – this is an organization that gives different types of scholarships for students, who are enrolled in career based educational programs.
  • Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Grant – This is a challenging and competitive grant for applicants with very high academic records. You can get up to 30,000 USD from this scholarship.
  • Blogging Scholarship – If you are an ardent blogger, this scholarship will lend you a helping hand. Students in full-time college programs can apply for this scholarship.
  • AXA Achievement Scholarship – According to recent stats, this is a lucrative scholarship that gives 670,000 USD to high school grads every year.

Scholarship #3 – Demographic Scholarships

Demographic Scholarships are customized based on the applicant’s place of stay, religion, race and study location. Ron Brown Scholar program is meant for African-Americans. This is a merit based scholarship that gives ten candidates 10,000 USD every year. Secondly, Muslims in USA can make use of The Islamic Scholarship Fund. The scholarship is meant for liberal arts, law, humanities and social sciences graduates. Minority students can obtain up to 7500 USD from the Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship Program. This is a customized program for graduates who show strong signs of financial need.

Scholarship #4 – Major-Based Scholarships

Moving on, you can handpick scholarships based on your major. Scholastic Art and Writing Awards is one of the country’s famous scholar programs. The award gives several million dollars to deserving school students. AACE International Scholarship is for students who are enrolled in business, engineering and management based courses. If you are ought to work in government based non-profit courses, you will find the Harry S. Truman Scholarship useful. This is a special federally managed program for commendable candidates.