Six Ways To Gather Cash For College

With hefty college fees and distant educational dreams, most students worry about their future and well being. On an average, college students tend to carry a debt of 29,000 USD when they leave school. However, this doesn’t have to be the scenario at all times. Various organizations and companies tend to give several million dollars as scholarships and rewards for prospective students. These scholarships will help you lead a debt free life! Apart from interesting scholarships, there are few more ways by which you can make cash for college. In this article you will read about six creative measures that can be used to find cash for college.

Six Ways To Gather Cash For College

Cash #1 – Using Social Media

Do you know that you can use the social media to hunt for amazing scholarships? As you scroll through twitter and use the right kind of hashtags, you will come across many opportunities. Similarly, there are pages on Facebook and LinkedIn for students, who are searching for college funds.

Cash #2 – Through Crowdfunding

Have you ever came across an option called crowdfunding? Few years back, a student from the Boston University used crowdfunding to raise around 8,000 USD to pay her tuition fee. She used her online presence to ask for money. The campaign helped her gather funds from different parts of the world.

Cash #3 – Become a Volunteer

Sometimes it’s good to volunteer and explore through unknown paths. When you host a scholarship application with community service in your additional interests, you will definitely please most members of the recruiting commission. Experts consider volunteering as a win-win strategy used by many people. Moreover, PeaceCorps and AmeriCorps have special programs for students.

Cash #4 – Using Local Sources

You can hunt for special scholarships from local sources like church bulletin boards and local newspapers. Traditional modes of information may prove to be useful and much better than online versions. Additionally, the competition for scholarships that are advertised in local sources will be less when compared against the virtual ones.

Cash #5 – Through Affinity Groups

Do you know that you can make extra cash by being a member in certain affinity groups? Things that separate you from a massive crowd will definitely give you better opportunities. For instance, if you are a twin, a single parent or a vegan, you can use this quality to earn some funds. Browse through the internet to know more about these unusual scholarships.

Cash #6 – Using Your Creative Skills

Every year, several programs are conducted to help students with ambitious goals and big dreams. These contests will help you earn prizes from 1000 USD to 10,000 USD. Competitions that reveal your artistic talent will definitely rack up more funds than any other method.

Post-Application Status

Finding cash for college is certainly an interesting chore! When done with lots of commitment and thought, you will have the chance to find funds that can save you from the student loan burden. Always remember that only the phase of research will be hard. Everything after that (application and the wait for results) will be a smooth and effortless process.