Top Nine Companies that Pay For College

There are many different ways to pay for college. If you’re lucky enough you could be working for a company that is willing to help you. Here are some of the companies that can pay for your college.

Company #1 – Starbucks

Recently, Starbucks announced a hefty scholarship for potential college goers. The scheme owes to pay the tuition fee of its employees! The company’s college scholarship starts from 5,000 USD and reaches up to 90% the actual fee. The program is designed to cover the last two years of the degree program. Additionally, they are also planning to give free laptops and books. On the whole, this sums up to 50 million dollars for the company. However, Starbucks is not the only company with such promising benefits.

Top Nine Companies that Pay For College

There are plenty of companies that pay for its employee’s higher education. And in this article you will get a comprehensive insight into them.

Company #2 – Raytheon

The list of companies that pay for college begins with Raytheon. The company is extremely famous for its defence technologies. The tech giant owes to pay 100% of the tuition fee. However, applicants must have enrolled themselves into an accredited college with an approved graduate degree.

Company #3 – Deloitte

Next in line would be Deloitte. If you wish to take up a graduate program, Deloitte will definitely help you achieve your goal. The famous accounting giant helps its employees with 10,000 USD for advanced degree programs. Nevertheless, you must agree to return to Deloitte after the program and you should work in the company for at least two years.

Company #4 – Smuckers

Another company that promises to pay 100% of the college tuition fee is Smuckers. The company maintains a list of approved courses. You will be allowed to make use of the company’s college fund only if you enrol into Smucker’s approved programs.

Company #5 – BP

Moving on, BP offers its employees a generous 90% college fee grants. The scheme is customized for full time workers, who are admitted into accredited university programs. Nonetheless, you should select your course very carefully. The program must support the company’s overall development and needs.

Company #6 – Apple

Apple is well known for its employee benefits. The IT Giant has an annual tuition reimbursement worth 5000 USD for its employees. It is quite interesting to note that Apple doesn’t narrow down its employees possible choices to a given number of courses or colleges.

Company #7 – Google

The list of companies that pay for college will remain incomplete without Google. In fact, the search engine expert tops the list with a tuition reimbursement plan worth 12,000 USD. Apart from monetary support, employees from Google have a better chance of being accepted into top tier universities and colleges.

Company #8 – Walmart

Walmart has tuition savings plans and special book grants for its employees. However, you must be a part of the school’s online courses. Employees who have worked for at least one year in the company will be eligible for this offer.

Company #9 – UPS

UPS has a number of options for employees, who wish to take up higher degree programs. The organization has a tuition fund worth 15,000 USD for employees. Additionally, it has signed a MoU with many colleges in Chicago and Louisville.